ebay Anbieter aus England offeriert "supergünstige" Marken/Briefe - nur hat er sie gar nicht (engl.)

  • Unter Verwendung von 20+ Schein-Identitäten und geklauten Abbildungen aus Auktionskatalogen:

    Englischkenntnisse erforderlich, hier der link:

    If you use ebay you MUST read this:


    First up an URGENT warning to all those who buy and sell stamps on ebay. There is getting to be an epidemic of stamps being offered that the sellers simply do not own.

    That “cheap” Buy It Now item is not so “cheap” if you pay for it and it never arrives. Or if a Registered envelope arrives with folded up paper sheets in there. YOU are then generally 100% out of pocket, whether you paid by paypal or not.

    One ebayer for 15 years, with 1000s of feedbacks, and very experienced in the stamp world, bought this gem lot for £900 as “Buy It Now – - and nearly lost his shirt

    Of course they did not exist, and they are worth $10,000-$15,000 more that than if they did as we all know.

    Ebay “Bargains” are not bargains if you might lose your £900 paid for them. Buy higher priced items off a REAL dealer - a member of trade bodies, and he is there next year, and next decade mostly likely.

    Full details on that scam and all the other mass forgeries being offered each day on ebay are outlined here. And WHICH accounts are being used. If you use ebay you MUST read this -

    Dozens of ebay Bunnies bid this UNIQUE cover up to $3211 – despite the image simply being apparently stolen/lifted off a real Stamp Auction site. Ebay were bragging about what a great deal it was - - I bet someone right now is sad they lost $3211. Would YOU have bid?

    Please forward this email onto all your stamp friends who buy and sell on ebay, as fraud is taking place in epidemic levels right now. If Ebay do not bother policing active forgers, it needs the stamp community to do it for them as best we can. Ebay is NOT always a safe place to buy stamps, as they keep boasting.

    Ebay frankly do little or nothing as they MAKE money - about 12% of the purchase price, with ebay and PayPal fees added, when outright forgeries are sold. A $1000 sale of fakes MAKES them $120 or so. So they do not care one hoot it seems.

    Ebay openly allow these cons to have 10 or 20 active handles, and 10 or 20 fake “Shill” bidding accounts, to push up the GENUUINE bidders like YOU, and generally do nothing when advised, despite their alleged rules to the contrary

    So Buyer BEWARE. On both.