Paketkarte, Lochung 1912??

  • Hello there

    Paketkarte, 1912

    Where is it sent? This parcel, what does it send?

    Lochung: DGA, is the light bulb, light bulb company?

    On the back, the green label, what is it?


  • Hello xiaolin,

    the perfin on the stamps "DGA" means "Deutsche Gasglühlicht Aktiengesellschaft" in Berlin. (German Gas-Growlight Joint Stock Company).

    The receiver in Switzerland was: Rhätische Elektrizitäts-Gesellschaft (electricity company) in Klosters-Dörfli Switzerland.

    Dörfli is a Swiss designation for a small village.

    The content of the package was lighting medium. On the green label you can read: Lighting medium! Taxable at the remainder in Germany. Registered in the outbox book No. 4360. Tax location Berlin-Mitte. Auergesellschaft Berlin

    Gruß kartenhai

  • It was send to:

    Rhätische Elektrizität Gesellschaft


    Schweiz / Switzerland

    Klosters is a bigger village in Graubünden

    The turquois label on the back says, it is "stuff to enlight" (Beleuchtungsmittel) and it's free of customs duty.

    The sender was:

    Deutsche Gasglühlicht Aktiengesellschaft

    (Auergesellschaft) Abt. B

    Berlin O 17

    I think it's obviously DGA-Lochung

    The Auergesellschaft still exsists, but they are no longer producing light bubbles and gas mantle. This production was moved to Osram. The Auergesellschaft produces breathing apparatus and gas detector nowadays.

    Kartenhai was faster!