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    Hello All

    Does anyone here have any information of this apparent die proof?

    [Blockierte Grafik: ]
    As you can see it is dated 11.8.43 on the bottom right but why was it made?

    Who was the engraver?

    It is a real mystery.

    Any help would be appreciated.


    Vielen Dank ligneN,

    Yes that would make sense I suppose but unless one is a stamp collector
    the average person doesn't care whether his envelopes containing bills or ads in the mail are franked with stamps or not.
    It's getting to the point where the young ones don't even know what a stamp is. At least that's the situation here in Canada.

    I have a question regarding Ost-Sachsen Michel 41.
    Why did the Russians withdraw it so quickly? Was there pressure from the local population or did the Russians themselves realize they had made a mistake?

    Thanks in advance.

    Hir ist der Inhalt von Brief. Er rieht in die gefangenschaft in Maerz 1943 in Tunis bei die Englander und die schickten Ihn in Amerikanishen Haenden in August 1943.
    Er wurde freigelassen in August 1946.

    [Blockierte Grafik: ]

    Hi Hei

    "Dispatched" heisst nur dass es versandt war von POW Camp Robinson Arkansas zu einer Zentralstelle in New York wo wahrscheinlich die Briefe unter die Augen der Zensur kamen. War doch ehe nichts zum sehen den die Gefangenen duerften nichts hinschreiben auf die Postkarten.


    Here are a couple of items from a relative of mine. The postcards from 1944 have the German censor hand stamp but the letter from 1943 does not.
    Also I wonder why one postcard has the 30c airmail stamp since they were supposed to be " Postage Free Portofrei ". The other thing I noticed was the fact he was not allowed to write anything on the postcards, there is only his photo on the reverse.

    [Blockierte Grafik: ]

    [Blockierte Grafik: ]

    [Blockierte Grafik: ]

    Ob diese Marken-Abstempelung damals wohl erlaubt war? Kann ich mir nicht vorstellen

    I can't believe that you would be so surprised that the swastika was used in a postmark and question if it was allowed. Why wouldn't it be allowed, it was the official symbol of the regime whether any one likes it or not.

    "Why the British stamps have only the silhouette of the Queen and no country-name on it?"

    Well, apparently the UPU permits UK stamps minus the country's name in honour of being the first country to issue poatage stamps in 1840.
    Other countries have also sometimes omitted the name,for example the US flag stamp of 1963 & others.

    Yes I agree with you regarding the Queen's profile on stamps. Actually here in Canada we still have Queen Elizabeth II on all of our coins and a few years ago a much more "mature" likeness of the queen was used.

    I just saw a pic of the new Schiller stamp and can't believe how poorly it was designed. It has to be one of the worst looking examples of a stamp I have ever seen. Most recent German stamps are of very low, if any artistic quality, they are basically boring. Compare these to West German stamps which were well designed and many a pleasure to look at.
    What's the matter... no decent designers in Germany?

    Hi KJ

    Finde alle Deine postings sehr interesant auch in anderen (BDPh Forum) aber ich verstehe nicht "Lötpaare", "Nahtstücke" etc. Wie gesagt very interesting & educational all this technical stuff but with my poor knowledge of german its over my head.


    Thanks all for the info but I knew what Sperrwerte meant even though I misspelled the word, I just wanted to know if the residents of the DDR were also allowed to purchase these & not just foreigners.

    As far as the oriental "German" soldier depicted on the stamp is concerned, it makes one wonder why no one queried the design before it went to the printers.
    Wonder what happened to the designer? Was he sent to Siberia ? LOL.
    Actually the designer was looking into the future of what a "german" soldier would look like.