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    Hi Lofty,

    I think a better term for what you are looking for is abbreviations. In German Abkürzungen.

    Online I think you will find the link below very helpful for translating many philatelic terms and abbreviations from German - English.

    Gruße Alec.

    Hi Gebirgsjager,

    Welcome to Philaforum. Unfortunately both of your stamps are with fake cancels.

    I believe the Feldpost should have a Feldpost military type cancel and yours does not.

    The Infla D65 is 100% a fake because as Erron tried to explain to you the cancel reading Deutsche Post did not appear until long after the inflation issues ended in 1923.

    As with any German area stamp with a high catalogue value you should only buy ones that have been expertized by a competant expertizer from the BPP.

    Please continue to ask your questions in English as this Forum has many who can translate your questions from English - German and vice versa if need be.

    I hope that helps you.

    Best wishes,



    Freunde mich aus Kanada such hilfe bitte uebersetzung Polnisch - Deutsch oder Englisch.

    Er hat eine quittung fuer eine Paketkarte aus Kanada - Polen.


    Nachporto 160 Zly aber warum?

    Und was sagt der Polnisch schrift und Zettel?

    Mfg Alec.


    Fuer meine Ausstellung ( Sehe link unten) suche ich immer Infla Briefe, Postkarten frankiert mit Marken von der OPD Ausgabe. Sep - Dez 1923

    EF, MEF oder MIF auch besonderes stueck immer gesucht.

    Wer weiss nicht die Infla OPD Ausgaben sind nur folgend Infla Michel Nr:

    332-337 inklusive.

    Angebote bitte PN oder e-mail.

    Mfg Alec.

    Guten Abend,

    Zeig ich denn hier eine exemplar aus meine OPD Sammlung. Beschreibung hoffe ich ist moeglich zu verstehe.

    Cassel, OPD Hannover Ortsbrief Portogerecht mit 100 Tausend EF Mi. 289b.

    Postlager Gebuehr koennen in bar oder Briefmarken im Voraus durch den Absender bezahlt, oder bei Empfaenger. Fuer diese Portoperiod Gebuehr war 12 Tausend Marks. Ohne Nachporto. Zwei Wochen wurden fuer solche Post erlaubt, zu abholen

    Aber Post Arbeiter haben die Regelungen nicht verstanden und die gemachten Fehler.

    Hier wir sehen Nachporto gerechnet als Fehlen Postlager Betrag 12,000 + 1.5% = 18,000 Blau Handschrift. Handschrift 14/10 war Tag dem Brief war abgeholt. Diese Portostufe findet Mann nicht jedem Tag und ist die erste ich habe gesehen mit eine OPD Frankatur.

    Gruesse Alec.


    Aus dem Thread fuer Auslaender wer bitte kann hilfe mit eine Michel Spezial 2010 wert dem Brief unten?

    EF Mi 396 mit Oberrand. Leider meine Briefe Kataloge ist nur von 2004 und sagt nix ueber diese Marke mit OR. Aus Michel Deutschland Spezial 2008 weiss ich gestempelt OR ist M€300, 75% der ** Preis.

    Vielen Dank im Voraus. Antwort hier bitte oder im andere Thread auf englisch.


    Hi Alexios,

    Sorry but I don't have a Michel Spezial for 2010.

    However in Spezial 2008 a used Platte Oberrand Mi Nr 396 comes in at Michel €300 which is 75% of a Postfrisch ** example, (€400).

    If your example is however Walzendruck it could be a much better item.

    I think Michel do not as yet give any prices for most stamps with Oberrand on cover.

    Can you upload a scan here to show what you have? If need be we can ask your question again but in one of the German language threads.

    Best wishes,

    Hiallo KJ,

    Ja weiss ich im moment kein deitsches Pruefer im BPP aber Herr Brunel in meine meinung ist auch kompetent diese Gebiet zu gibt mich eine Privat meinung.

    Bin mich nur nicht sicher ich habe Michel richtig verstehen das die Kopfstehend Aufdruck im M€ wert hat eine 100% Zuschlag?

    Nach Weihnachten mach ich sendung unterwegs .

    Gruesse Alec.

    Hi Gerry,

    The exact fees charged by someone from the BPP can vary a little. But firstly there will be a minimum fee per shipment sent. I think this is around €10-20.

    Of course you will also have to pay for return registered or insured mail.

    Depending on the value of the item, if it is of a greater value one of three types of certificate may be awarded. Namely Attest, Befund and Kurzbefund.

    For items below a certain catalogue value usually the stamp is just signed and for that a set fee is charged. I don't know about other areas but as an example if I was sending to Herr Weinbuch an Infla Michel 319 used. The things he would expertize are
    1 Cancel: Is it genuine?
    2.Type of printing: Platte or Walzendruck
    3. Is it a better colour?

    So for each of the three things he would look at, I would expect a fee of around €1 would be charged, making a total of €3. However if on examination the stamp turned out to be a Mi 319 Wb, and in good condition then he would issue one of the three certificates mentioned above. Assuming the stamp is in fault free an Attest would cost an extra €20.

    BUT, because the stamp is of a higher value the standard fee of 4% of catalogue value would be expected.

    I used to have an English version of the rules for BPP expertizing but sadly I don't have that anymore. Hopefully someone else can help on this point?

    Please do not think that every stamp you own has to be expertized. It doesn't. With experience and special studies you can soon learn the better shades and varieties.

    From this site alone you can get an opinion on virtually any German stamp or cover and then decide later if you want to submit for expertization.

    Try showing something here you are not sure about and if you need help many of the English speakers here will try to help you I am sure.

    Best wishes, Alec.

    Hi Gerry,

    As you have already been advised colours are a very difficult thing to be certain of based on scans only. That said there are several here if you upload high quality clear scans who can probably point you in the right direction.

    Regards the Bayern 94 I (peacetime print) and II (wartime print) the easiest way to be certain you have a 94 I is to have a stamp with a 1914 or 1915 year date.

    A colour and plate catalogue is something that has been printed, usually by a recognised expert from an area, showing the various colours and often with tips on how to tell which Plate some stamps are from. Such colour plates are not a guarantee that you have the better shade though when doing your own comparison. Only a competant expertizer can tell you which shade you have for sure.

    No matter what someone tells you a colour is when you are buying, unless expertised and you are sure the expertizers mark is genuine do not spend big money on items that could be just a variation on a cheaper shade. That is why prior to selling it may be best to have the possible better shades expertized.

    Best wishes,